1. Trees damaged by winds in Arlington

    Arlington residents sifted through the damage after high winds churned by Wednesday’s storm ripped out power lines and sent trees crashing.

  2. As NStar cuts trees near power lines, opposition heats up

    Company officials say clear-cutting is the only way to guarantee reliable power, but the practice has outraged some homeowners.


  3. A spring frost could doom early blooms

    - A sudden plunge in temperatures could have dire consequences for trees, animals, and crops following an abnormally warm winter and early blooming.

  4. Something is missing this fall: acorns

    - Following a 2-year bumper crop, acorns are missing in action.

  5. Longhorned beetle-infested trees found in Shrewsbury

    - The Asian longhorned beetle-regulated area in Worcester County has been expanded to include all of Shrewsbury after eight infested trees were found there.

  6. Irene’s lashing thins Hub canopy

    - Irene’s brutal wind toppled two century-old elm trees near Boston Common. It cracked a silver maple, the Arnold Arboretum’s tallest tree, planted in 1881.

  7. Threat from Asian beetle expands beyond cities

    - A new study has documented for the first time that the Asian longhorned beetle is not content to merely munch on urban trees but that the nonnative insects can thrive in forests, confirming scientists’ fears about the possible scale of the destruction from an outbreak that has already claimed tens of thousands of trees in Worcester. (Photo: Jennifer Forman Orth/MDAR)

  8. Shady plans coming to Hingham’s Main Street and Jackass Park

    - Hingham’s Shade Tree Committee is hoping to change the landscape of some parts of town with a plan to replace dozens of ornamental trees with larger, shade trees on Main Street and in Jackass Park.

  9. BOSTON: USDA to treat trees for invasive beetle

    - The US Department of Agriculture will treat 3,200 trees in Suffolk County with an insecticide designed to target the invasive Asian longhorn beetle, officials said yesterday.

  10. Planting roots for healthy living; Groups aim to set 100 pairs of apple trees across Boston.

  11. Mass. to continue replacing beetle-stricken trees

    - The state is getting ready to start planting trees in the Worcester area to replace those taken down because of the region’s Asian longhorned beetle invasion.

  12. Buy a fish in Boston, save a tree in the Amazon

    - In the age of green conundrums, add aquarium fish to the list. Should lovers of an Amazonian inch-long red fish known as a cardinal tetra buy it from suppliers in Florida who raise them in tanks or from local fishermen in South America?

    (Photo courtesy of The National Aquarium in Baltimore)

  13. Tapping an urban maple syrup source

    - There are no picturesque cabins tucked into snowy woods on the streets of Somerville and Medford. But there is sap from maples. And urban trees can yield sweet results.