1. Vertex to fund partnership with Boston schools

    The $1.45 million partnership will allow students to work with scientists.

  2. Colleges highlight risks for students heading abroad

    - Tragedy of BU students is a reminder to colleges that safety warnings are an important part of study-abroad programs.

  3. Officials: Body fits description of missing BC student

    - The body found in the Chestnut Hill Reservoir has been preliminarily identified as that of Franco Garcia, who went missing on Feb. 22.

  4. Students, officials to stock Quabbin with trout

    - BELCHERTOWN, Mass. - Students and state environmental officials plan to stock the Quabbin Reservoir with thousands of trout.

    (FILE: AP Photo)

  5. Changing student lunches, one tray at a time

    - In the fight for its students’ health, the cafeteria at Manchester Essex Regional Middle High School is well situated. One row of windows looks down onto the gymnasium. The other row looks out over the "edible schoolyard," 13 raised vegetable beds that educate students about nutrition and also feed them.

  6. A new focus on sophomores, academia’s sometimes forgotten child

    - Sarah Medina and Katie Burns, sophomores at Holy Cross, studied information on advisers and programs yesterday in Worcester. (Photo by Gretchen Ertl)

  7. Moving in early on hurricane watch

    - Colleges encourage students to arrive during calm before the storm.