1. Overcoming sleep disorders in children

    Nearly one-third of kids experience sleep issues at some point in their lives, but about 2 to 4 percent have structural defects that cause breathing difficulties during sleep.

  2. Increased risks of sleepwalking

    - A recent survey showed that nearly one-third of 19,000 American adults said they’d been caught sleepwalking at some point in their lives.


  3. Link between sleep, diabetes, and obesity

    - Working night shifts and sleeping on a schedule that is out of whack with your body’s natural rhythms has been associated with obesity and type 2 diabetes.

  4. Should you worry about death risks from sleeping pills?

    - Today’s news about the risks of sleeping pills may have users flushing their Lunesta or Ambien down the toilet.

  5. How to take advantage of the extra hour of sleep we gain Sunday

    - Daylight saving time ends Sunday morning and the hour push back in clocks provides the opportunity to get a little more shut eye. That’s, of course, only if you take advantage.

  6. THE BIG PICTURE: Sleepers

    - Most of us don’t get enough sleep. Collected here are photographs of people lucky enough to find a few winks. — (32 photos total)

  7. In bed, but still at work

    - Many find it hard to say goodnight to their electronic devices when they go to bed.

  8. Saying good night to sanity

    - Four-year-old Jack Francomano will do just about anything to avoid sleep, and a couple with local roots describe the problem in a book that’s decidedly not for kids.