1. Larry Bird’s story is on the big stage

    - Tug Coker has gone to great lengths, even trash-talking with Bird, in order to portray the Celtics legend in the Broadway production of "Magic/Bird."

  2. Playwright weaves family history into ‘Luck of the Irish’

    - The details of the play are artistic inventions, but Greenidge’s inspiration was the stratagem her grandparents used as a black couple to buy a house in overwhelmingly white Arlington in 1967.

  3. August Wilson’s voice rings clear and strong in ‘Ma Rainey’

    - Director Liesl Tommy’s fine production reminds us that “Ma Rainey” is about the sustaining power of cultural tradition in keeping the heart of a community beating strong.

  4. 'Eddie Coyle' steps off the page

    - Bill Doncaster and Stickball Productions have turned George V. Higgins’s crime novel, “The Friends of Eddie Coyle,” into an atmospheric, enjoyable theater piece at Oberon.