The New England Aquarium

    The aquarium opened in the summer of 1969 and was part of the waterfront urban renewal plan that transformed Central Wharf.


  2. Lobster prices plunge, to fishermen’s chagrin

    Lobster has long enjoyed a gourmet image, but this summer, as lobster prices have plunged in a saturated market, the succulent treat has increasingly become a bargain.


  3. Rescuers free humpback whale off the coast of Chatham

    Rescuers freed a young humpback whale heavily entangled by fishing line about five miles off Chatham early Thursday morning, marine animal rescuers said today.

    (Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies)

  4. Foul seaweed invades Mass. shoreline

    From Cape Ann to Cape Cod, beaches have been blanketed in recent weeks with the smelly seaweed that hails from Japan.


  5. Device may help forecast outbreaks of red tide

    - A device lowered into the waters off Portsmouth, N.H., will sample marine organisms to measure toxic red tide cells.

  6. Gulf of Maine ocean temperatures above normal

    - PORTLAND, Maine - The winter’s warm air temperatures have helped drive up water temperatures in the Gulf of Maine, in line with a continuing trend.

  7. Flu virus linked to seal deaths off New England coast

    - A flu virus similar to one found in birds but not previously detected in harbor seals was the cause of five of 162 recent deaths of the marine animals off the New England coast, federal and state officials announced today.

  8. Oceanic migrations linked to climate change

    - When a 43-foot gray whale was spotted off the Israeli town of Herzliya last year, scientists came to a startling conclusion: it must have wandered across the normally icebound route above Canada, where warm weather had briefly opened a clear channel three years earlier.