1. CONCORD, N.H. - Even as same-sex marriage made gains on the West Coast last week with victories in two states, New Hampshire legislators appear poised to repeal the state’s 2 1/2-year-old gay marriage law within the coming weeks.

  2. Black church reaches out to gay, transgender teens

    - A new youth drop-in center at Union United Methodist Church, a historically black congregation in the South End, welcomes gay and straight 13- to 18-year-olds.

  3. Barney Frank to wed longtime partner

    - US Representative Barney Frank, one of the first openly gay politicians in national office, confirmed today through a spokesman that he is planning to wed his long-time partner, Jim Ready.

  4. 'Pariah' is a coming-out tale to be embraced

    - The film is a rare revelation about life as a middle-class, gay, African-American teen.

  5. Romney defends same-sex marriage stance to gay veteran

    - A routine campaign conversation became hostile after GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney sat down to speak with a military veteran and his husband at a campaign stop in Manchester, N.H.


  6. After six years of lobbying on Beacon Hill, the state’s transgender community yesterday won civil rights protections that have long been extended to other minority groups.


  7. On a cool August evening, a man was walking on a paved path through the Medford section of Torbert MacDonald Park when he locked eyes with a stranger. The man, a computer technician who is gay, believed that the look suggested that the stranger wanted sex, according to gay-rights advocates.

  8. 'Weekend'

    Everyday romance done right

    - There comes a point in your moviegoing life where you look at the screen and then you look at the world and you ask, "What is going on?" You want the movies to show you the chaos and mess and risk and failure that are normal for a lot of us. Generally, the movies hide all of that.

  9. Brown’s decision to skip ‘It Gets Better’ video brings a wave of criticism

    - With friends like these, who needs enemies? That question swirls around Senator Scott Brown as the lone Republican in an otherwise all-Democratic Massachusetts congressional delegation.

  10. Club Cafe resurrects a lost piano bar

    - It was an ordinary Thursday night on Columbus Avenue, but something extraordinary was happening.


  11. The Massachusetts congressional delegation - save for US Senator Scott Brown - has made its own “It Gets Better” video to encourage youth encountering uncertainties and difficulties as they realize they are homosexual.

  12. Kerry acknowledges gay marriage change

    - Seven years after a presidential campaign in which he threaded the needle by explaining his support for the gay rights revolution taking place in his home state while not supporting gay marriage himself, US Senator John Kerry, a Democrat from Massachusetts, has a declaration.

  13. The Crimson Letter

    - In 1920, a Harvard secret court rooted out gay activity on campus. Now a play tells that dark tale.

  14. Editorial: The Mass that wasn’t

    - THE CATHOLIC Church’s teachings on homosexuality are more nuanced than many Americans realize. Similar to sex outside of a marriage between a man and a woman, gay sex is deemed sinful.

  15. Priest says all are welcome in his church

    - Sunday Mass at St. Cecilia’s Church in the Back Bay brought the first standing ovation any parishioner could remember.