1. Gloucester hopes to lure tourists with high-tech harborwalk

    A 1.2-mile loop, which includes 42 markers and a virtual tour that can be downloaded onto a smartphone, brings to light previously hard-to-find historical and cultural lore.


  2. Lobster prices plunge, to fishermen’s chagrin

    Lobster has long enjoyed a gourmet image, but this summer, as lobster prices have plunged in a saturated market, the succulent treat has increasingly become a bargain.


  3. Students, officials to stock Quabbin with trout

    - BELCHERTOWN, Mass. - Students and state environmental officials plan to stock the Quabbin Reservoir with thousands of trout.

    (FILE: AP Photo)

  4. Eel market sizzles as prices hit $2k/lb in Maine

    - Tiny translucent elvers — alien-looking baby eels the size of toothpicks, with big black eyes and spines — are mysterious creatures, floating thousands of miles from their birthplace in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean before ending up each spring in Maine’s rivers and streams.

    (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

  5. Scientists look for cause of lobsters’ shell disease

    - Researchers at the New England Aquarium are concerned that the combination of warmer waters and human-generated pollution are triggering the disease.

  6. In fishing study, US dangles $500 bait

    - In an experiment being conducted in Massachusetts, the federal government is working to figure out how much it would cost to persuade anglers not to fish off the coast.

  7. Mainers hope to save spiny sea urchin trade

    - During its heyday, urchin fishermen from Maine harvested more than 40 million pounds of the spiny creatures a year. A move is now under way to jumpstart the industry, which has fallen on hard times and is just a skeleton of its former self.

  8. New data on cod could have dire impact on industry

    - Preliminary data suggest the valuable species is in dismal shape and won’t rebuild in the time set by federal law, which could mean a broad fishery shutdown to protect the cod.

  9. State seeks federal aid for fishermen

    - A year after strict federal rules took effect to limit the catch of local fishermen, Governor Deval Patrick asked the federal government yesterday to provide $21 million in disaster assistance to the state’s fishing communities, arguing that “significant financial losses and dramatic consolidation” have harmed the state’s groundfish industry.

  10. Boy, 6, catches 162-pound shark

    - It was bigger than he was, but that didn’t stop him. A 6-year-old Florida boy caught a 162-pound blue shark off the coast of Massachusetts last week, setting a potential world record, his family said.

  11. Blogger says lobster tale was joke

    - A Gloucester blogger admitted yesterday that he knew a group of lobstermen were only joking around about trying to catch lobsters that were tossed back in the ocean late last week by some Buddhists seeking good karma.

  12. Hooked by a vacation soundtrack unchanged since … forever

    - LONG LAKE, Maine - The scents of pine and lake water, mingled with children’s laughter, fishermen’s banter, and the soft slap of waves against the shore, float through my cabin, carried on an afternoon breeze.

  13. Acknowledging that some federal fish police “overstepped the bounds of propriety and fairness”, US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke is returning almost $650,000 in fines to 11 Northeast fishermen or businesses.

  14. Fishermen fear a net loss

    - Keith Flett wants to help New England fishermen by making it easier for them to buy and sell fishing rights as part of a new regime of regulations. The launch of his venture, however, has not received the splash he intended.