1. Delving into female memory loss

    - Researchers are taking middle-age memory lapses more seriously. The good news is that they have found that memory often bounces back in post-menopausal women.


  2. Finding alternatives to sedatives for dementia

    - A growing number of nursing homes are treating the agitation and disruptive behavior that often accompany dementia without resorting to antipsychotics.

  3. 3 predictors of future memory loss

    - If your doctor had a crystal ball that could predict whether you’d become senile in old age, would you want to know? Perhaps, if you could actually do something to prevent it.

  4. Glimpse into how the brain forms memories could hold hope for Alzheimer’s treatment

    Who wouldn’t want a sharper memory? Facing the devastation of Alzheimer’s disease, the normal forgetfulness of aging, or even just a particularly important exam, many people would be tempted by a drug that could prevent forgetting or enhance memory.