1. Farm’s state-of-the-art barn caters to cows

    In the barn at Great Brook Dairy Farm, farmer Mark Duffy and his wife use the robotic DeLaval Voluntary Milking System.


  2. Beer-mooching cows crash Boxford party

    - A group of partiers was sent out to pasture Sunday when a bunch of bovines decided to drop by and have a couple of brews.

    PHOTO GALLERY: Cows crash beer bash


  3. For dairy farmers, Maine is cream of the crop

    - The Balfour Farm organic creamery operation, about 40 miles south of Bangor, is just over a year old. It sits on 100 acres, where 20 Jersey, Normandy, and Holstein cows graze.


  4. msnbc:

    “She thinks she’s a horse,” 15-year-old Regina Mayer says of her cow, Luna, who she’s trained to jump over makeshift hurdles.

    Read Luna’s story here.

    Photo credit: Kerstin Joensson / AP

    (via abcworldnews)

  5. theweekmagazine:

    Scientists in China have reportedly created a herd of 200 genetically modified cows that produce milk similar to human breast milk. They claim that the human-like cow’s milk could be available in Chinese markets within two years.