1. Susie Middleton makes vegetables the centerpiece of the meal

    There’s something immensely satisfying about making a meal out of nothing more than what you bought from a farmers’ market.



    Jennifer Trainer Thompson raised chickens, writes about eggs

    - Each spring brings another flock of backyard chicken books. Sometimes they’re how-to’s, or memoirs, but there’s usually at least one cookbook.


  3. Group prepares dishes from books they discuss

    - The book group shares a meal that evolves into a culinary celebration of whatever book is on the group’s agenda, with dishes that reflect the culture and characters.

  4. Scroll through ‘pages’ of a cookbook with your fingertip

    - For all those who favor electronic devices over frayed cookbooks and clippings, download the Globe’s new “Sunday Supper & More" e-book.

  5. The joy of looking

    - There was a time when cookbooks were for cooking. Now “cookability” seems to be taking a back seat to entertainment value.

  6. Memo from celebrity chefs: Embrace your own kitchen

    - By spreading the simple message of eating good food at home, the season’s newest cookbooks bring a bit of activism to the table.