1. Mmmmm…. coffee.

  2. Another challenge for K-cup maker Green Mountain

    Shares of Green Mountain have tumbled as investors worry about expiring patents on the K-Cup single-serving pod and other issues clouding the company’s future.



    Will coffee help you live longer? New study hardly conclusive

    - A recent study found a very modest association between drinking coffee and a longer lifespan. But don’t change your coffee consumption based on these findings.


    45 best breakfast joints around Boston

    - From homey to haute, here is where to go for the Most Important Meal of the Day.

  5. Bug extracts in Starbucks drinks?

    - Starbucks is under fire this week for revealing that its Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino and strawberry-flavored smoothies contain cochineal extract — a red dye made out of dried, crushed, female cochineal beetles.

  6. The eminence grise of coffee opens a cafe

    - In 1975, George Howell put Greater Boston at the forefront of US coffee thinking (and drinking), - where it remained for the next 20 years.


  7. In weak economy, buying coffee is a small reward

    - An informal survey, polling commuters around Greater Boston, suggests that coffee drinkers are unwilling to starve the habit that gets them going.

  8. Dunkin’s original flavor is back

    - All that’s really missing is the 10-cent cup of coffee. The original Dunkin’ Donuts on Southern Artery in Quincy got an unusual makeover - one that restored the look and feel of the restaurant to what it was when it opened in 1950.

  9. Slow down and smell the coffee at Render in the South End

    - Render Coffee, a new independent coffee shop, opened last month and there’s a nod to just about every current trend on the Boston coffee scene here.

  10. Starbucks caught giving extra jolt to coffee bean buyers

    - After a state consumer agency discovered Starbucks Coffee Co. was charging a hidden fee on bags of coffee beans and slapped it with a fine, the coffee giant is dropping the secret surcharge.


  11. Drink up, Boston. People spotted with a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in a populated public area tomorrow could win a free flight on JetBlue Airways.

  12. Coffee process taps the sun’s energy

    - The typical American drinks three cups of coffee a day, but the average Joe doesn’t know much about his morning cup.

  13. 15 professions that need coffee the most

    - In honor of National Coffee Day, scroll through to see the country’s top coffee drinkers.

  14. Staples survey: Coffee is key to a contented workforce

    - Suffering from low morale in the workplace? No problem. Just drink some coffee, and low spirits will get a nice upward jolt. Added bonus: Productivity will increase as well.