1. A trio of young chefs runs Jamaica Plain pop-up

    - They created a chef’s tasting experience at Fiore’s Bakery, based on the premise that quality meals can be accessible and affordable.

  2. These American-made knives mince, chop, and open oysters

    - Even 150 years later, Ayer manufacturer still hand forges variety of blades.

  3. Here’s what fishmongers are selling and chefs are buying

    - Sustainability is a slippery issue, and at the end of the day, chefs and seafood sellers are left to make decisions that may involve compromise.

  4. Why chefs are confused about what fish they can serve

    - If you want to see Boston chefs get hot under the collar, throw their hands up in confusion, or sigh in resignation, just ask them about seafood sustainability.

  5. Menino tweets about “Top Chef” TV show: You gotta try Boston

    - Foodies who tweet know there’s a new message out there in the social media universe: Boston is a culinary hub and deserves to be the venue for “Top Chef’s” 10th season.

  6. Memo from celebrity chefs: Embrace your own kitchen

    - By spreading the simple message of eating good food at home, the season’s newest cookbooks bring a bit of activism to the table.

  7. Greater Boston’s best new restaurants

    - Over the past three years, the number of really good restaurants in and around Boston has increased exponentially, in spite of a down economy.