1. Peabody cat makes New England proud

    He is no ordinary cat. His name is longer than his tail, and he has packed nine lives’ worth of accolades into three years of eating, napping, stretching, cuddling, playing, bathing, traveling, and being greatly admired.


  2. Big Dig pavement crumbles early; repairs to cost $1m

    Sections of the Central Artery that were supposed to last 30 years are failing in less than a decade, causing a rash of potholes and debris.

  3. State wants new ideas for covering Big Dig ramps on Greenway

    - It is one of the most vexing urban design challenges facing Boston: How do you cover the three Big Dig highway ramps that scar the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway?

  4. Bad kitty? Maybe you are the problem

    - The host of Animal Planet’s "My Cat From Hell" and experts say a change in your perspective can salvage relationships with an unruly cat.

  5. Story of cat called for jury duty has nine lives

    The story of the cat who got called to Suffolk County jury duty just won’t go away, says a court official. You might say it has nine lives.