Right diet could help maintain weight loss

    For millions of Americans on diets, eating the right combination of foods, instead of just limiting calories, could be key to keeping off unwanted pounds.

  2. Study finds link between protein and lean muscle

    - Those extra calories we eat all result in the same extra padding of body fat, but how much lean muscle we put on is dependent upon the amount of protein we consume. (ISTOCKPHOTO)

  3. Consumers mostly ignore posted calorie counts in restaurants

    - Despite the logical assumption that people will order fewer calories at fast-food chains if nutritional information is posted on menu boards, new research suggests that’s not the case. In fact, the vast majority of New Yorkers — who have seen these postings in large fast-food chains since 2008 — are largely ignoring them, according to a study published online today in the British Medical Journal.

  4. Which dishes, desserts, shakes top most-calorie list?

    - While Michelle Obama got flak last week for ordering a 1,700 calorie meal at Shake Shack, that’s nothing compared to the single entrees that won Xtreme Eating Awards yesterday from the Center for Science in the Public Interest for being loaded with a hefty amount of fat, calories, and sodium.

  5. Restaurant calorie counts often inaccurate, study finds

    - Weight conscious consumers who select the healthiest items on restaurant menus may wind up with more calories than they counted on, according to a new study from Boston researchers.