1. Constant distractions can take a toll

    - Distracted driving is dangerous, sure, but distractions at work, home, or anywhere can have disastrous effects.


    The brain, weaponized

    - Insights into how the brain works could lead to a new family of neurochemical weapons that attack brain circuits - or create killing machines controlled by the mind.

  3. Looking for love

    - Here are some facts scientists have recently uncovered about love, a few hunches about how it works, and some new survey data that may help your selection of a mate.

  4. New MIT center to focus on autism

    - A new center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will focus on unraveling the neuroscience that underlies social behaviors, helping push forward research and treatment of autism spectrum disorders.

  5. How willpower works

    - Research indicates that willpower can be strengthened like a muscle - and is a key predictor of success in life.

  6. Surprising ways to lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease

    - Today is World Alzheimer’s Day, and a press release marking the occasion announced that one in eight 65-year-olds already has the disease, which causes profound memory loss over time, has no effective treatment, and is ultimately fatal.