1. The Blue Line in Black & White

  2. Piers Park in East Boston

  3. jchandler1958:

    Boston, Massachusetts, circa 1900. “Old Corner Bookstore, first brick building in Boston.” Detroit Publishing Company 8x10 glass negative.

    At the corner of School and Washington Streets at Downtown Crossing. Formerly the Boston Globe Olde Corner Bookstore. The hand in the upper right-hand corner of the photo is not by Leonardo da Vinci.

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  4. They’ve sent a letter to the company building the $190-million dollars worth of trains, threatening to cancel.


  5. Mmmmm…. coffee.

  6. Warm up with the best hot chocolate spots in Boston.


  7. beta-boston: An inside look at a really cool visualization of murders in a Boston neighborhood.

    By Alvin Chang, data visualization


    It took weeks to clean up homicide data for our Bowdoin-Geneva project. I was ready to map it and move on. But I was unsure about one of the data point, so I looked it up in the Globe archives. I found this 1993 story about Jose Lizardo’s murder:

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  8. Boston. From thejives.

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    What’s hot on Twitter in Boston? As part of FutureM and our new Hive section of innovation news, we’re testing out a social heat map.  Click on any location marker to see what people are saying there.

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  10. beta-boston:

    By Matt Carroll, organizer of Hacks/Hackers Boston

    Music, art, games, and context – who would’ve thought of the all the different apps that could be created around the presidential debates?

    Inspiration and creativity were the bywords of the weekend, as Hacks/Hackers Boston held a “Hack the…

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  11. “She’s kind of funny, she’s kind of goofy, but if she tripped and fell, she’s fighting with her boyfriend, someone bumps into her, she makes a big deal out of it,” Officer Lema said, “and before you know it, we got a brawl on our hands because of the happy intoxicated person who just had too much to drink and bumped into the wrong person.”  North End culture clash.

  12. It’s a building boom for Boston colleges and universities.

  13. There are celebrity photographers who capture their subjects in moments of vulnerability, using the lens to unveil the insecurities behind the mask of stardom. And then there’s Mario Testino, whose work will be on display at the Museum of Fine Arts.


  14. beta-boston:

    A joint venture between the Globe, MIT’s Media Lab, and Hacks/Hackers Boston. We are hacking before the fourth debate, so we’ll have raw material from the first three. Ideally the hacks can be implemented for the fourth and final debate, and then used on Boston.com or BostonGlobe.com.

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  15. Ramen anyone? 50 late-night dining options in Boston.