Maurice Sendak, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ author, dies at 83 

    - Sendak’s iconic children’s book became an international best-seller and upset parents and psychologists.

  2. Boston selects winning design to honor Edgar Allan Poe

    - The Poe Foundation of Boston said Monday that it had selected a design of a New York sculptor to honor Boston-born Edgar Allan Poe with a life-sized bronze statue. While the peripatetic poet derided Boston as a provincial “Frogpondium,” residents today are embracing him.

  3. Harry Crews, 76; author who drew on his own wild lifestyle

    - Harry Crews, an author best known for his gritty tales of the rural South, died Wednesday in Gainesville, Fla.

  4. Concord author pulls the lid off lobsters’ tale

    - As a self-described “military brat” who spent her childhood at various locations throughout the country, Elisabeth Townsend recalls her family occasionally treating themselves to lobster for dinner - or what she then thought of as a lobster dinner.

  5. Historian David McCullough, who moved from Martha’s Vineyard into a Back Bay apartment two months ago, says he’s enjoying living in the city — “one of the two or three top destinations in the country for history, a center of civilization.’’


  6. "‘You are aware that this is a man who failed at selling foreign cars and couldn’t get hired at the local community college?’"
    — A Vonnegut family member commenting on the author Kurt Vonnegut, from Alex Beam’s Globe column on the efforts to chronicle the life of the novelist.