1. Jamaica Plain Whole Foods opens two days early

    - After nine months of renovations and intense neighborhood debate, Whole Foods Market opened its Hyde Square store today, two days ahead of schedule and hours before protesters plan to rally outside the supermarket tonight.

  2. A group opposing Whole Foods’ plans for a new store in Hyde Square demanded Tuesday that the company sign a community benefits agreement with Jamaica Plain and that the deal include a yearly 1 percent donation of the store’s annual revenue for the next two decades.


    JP should accept Whole Foods, but hold it to its commitments

    - THERE IS plenty to criticize about Whole Foods: the stiff prices of its tomatoes, for instance, or the greener-than-thou attitude of some of its consumers. But the opposition to the new store opening in Jamaica Plain later this year has gotten out of hand.

  4. Police arrest 3, abruptly end Whole Foods’ first meeting with Jamaica

    - The heated debate over Whole Foods’ plans to move in to Jamaica Plain reached an unprecedented peak Thursday night when three people were arrested at a community meeting prompting police to end the forum nearly a half-hour earlier than planned.

  5. As opposition organizes and residents divide, Whole Foods presses on

    - Several hundred neighborhood residents continued a controversial and divisive discussion Monday night during a second community-organized forum over a mid-January announcement that Whole Foods will open a store in Hyde Square.

  6. Whole Foods reaches out to Jamaica Plain

    Whole Foods Market sought yesterday to assure Jamaica Plain residents concerned about the upscale grocer’s move into the former Hi-Lo Foods building that it intends to be a “positive and productive’’ member of the neighborhood, by hiring some displaced workers, stocking affordable goods, and donating to community groups.

  7. A market goes upscale, as does Jamaica Plain itself

    For Jamaica Plain’s eclectic mix of hipsters, affluent professionals, and working-class Latinos, there has been no starker symbol of transformation in their neighborhood than the one announced yesterday: The tumble-down Latino grocery Hi-Lo Foods will close its doors and reopen as a sparkling new Whole Foods Market.