1. Tom Brady: Step away from the hair product

    - Before you scoff at and dismiss his asymmetrical fauxhawk, think of the hours of work it took.

  2. Could Tim Tebow wind up with the Patriots?

    - According to a tweet by ESPN’s Louise Cornetta over the weekend, John Clayton reportedly said on ESPN radio over the weekend that if the Denver Broncos sign quarterback Peyton Manning that “the rumor circulating" is that the Broncos would then trade quarterback Tim Tebow to the Patriots.

  3. Brady causes spectacle at Celtics vs. Lakers

    - Tom Brady caused a spectacle at Sunday’s Celtics-Lakers game in Los Angeles. The Patriots QB looked way too comfortable sitting court-side and chatting with his pal Kobe Bryant during Boston’s 97-94 to the Lakers at the Staples Center.

  4. Tom Brady’s sister engaged to Kevin Youkilis

    - A source close to Kevin Youkilis confirms that the Sox third baseman is engaged to Julie Brady, sister of Patriots QB Tom Brady.

  5. Despite Gisele’s comments, Patriots say no finger-pointing

    - Tom Brady’s wife was caught on camera complaining about dropped passes in the Super Bowl, but Patriots players say they will only accept blame as a unit.

  6. Report: Gisele seeks prayers for Brady

    - Tom Brady’s supermodel wife has reportedly reached out to friends and family asking for their Super Bowl Sunday victory prayers.

  7. Tom Brady holds court at center of Media Day

    - Brady, who’s used to answering only a precious few questions each week, was relaxed and seemed to enjoy his hour-long session.

  8. Tom Brady remains a special star in his hometown

    - There’s an unusual number of Patriots fans in San Mateo, Calif., linked by their fondness for Brady, whose connections to his high school still run strong.


    Just how have the Patriots pulled this off?

    - Their defense isn’t the greatest. Yesterday, neither was Tom Brady. Yet the Patriots may be learning that an imperfect team can be even greater than a “perfect” one.


    Tom Brady within reach of NFL’s highest level

    - Brady is trying to earn a berth in his fifth Super Bowl. Now 34, Brady, if he can capitalize, could win a reputation as the greatest quarterback ever.

  11. PATRIOTS 45, BRONCOS 10 

    Patriots rout overmatched Broncos

    - New England ended the Cinderella season of Tim Tebow and the Broncos with a 45-10 victory, a wire-to-wire win that sends the Patriots into the AFC Championship game.

  12. Tom Brady outfits linemen in Uggs

    - Tom Brady’s no fool. The Pats QB takes good care of his offensive line because they take good care of him.

  13. 18th annual Patriots Children’s Holiday Party

    - More than 300 children attended the 18th annual Children’s Holiday Party sponsored by the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation and held at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough. The main attraction was quarterback Tom Brady (pictured) being gift-wrapped by the children. (10 photos)

  14. No defense for Tom Brady’s outburst

    - Tom Brady is the greatest player in the history of the New England Patriots, a quarterback so accomplished we compare him to Joe Montana. But as Brady heads into the final years of his career, we cannot help but wonder if he has now inherited a little bit of Dan Marino, too.

  15. Tom Brady’s sideline tiff revealed his frustration

    - Two Irish guys from Boston got into an argument during an NFL game. Somebody alert the obvious police. That only happens in every watering hole from Scituate to West Newbury on Sundays and Mondays from September through January.