1. Raytheon marks 90 years, with challenges ahead

    To survive the coming era of big cuts in military spending, the Waltham defense contractor will have to rely on its legacy of innovation.


  2. Raytheon system aims to track space trash

    - Waltham’s Raytheon Co. is competing for a contract with the Air Force to create a so-called Space Fence to monitor and catalog the garbage that is in the earth’s lower orbit.  (NASA/GETTY IMAGES)

  3. Pi Day is a big deal for Raytheon

    - Hundreds of apple pies are being delivered to math and science teachers at public middle and high schools located within a 3.14-mile radius of Raytheon Co. headquarters in Waltham. That’s because today is Pi Day, as in March 14 (3/14), and Pi, the mathematical constant, is equal roughly to 3.14.