1. "Am I going to die? Can I call my mother and tell her I love her?"
    — The words of a 15-year-old boy lying on the front lawn of a neighbor’s house. Plymouth police allege he was shot by his father.
  2. Mass. escapee turned Liberian dictator had US spy agency ties

    - Charles Taylor, the first African leader tried for war crimes who had escaped from prison in Plymouth in 1985, worked with US spy agencies during his rise to power.

  3. In solidarity, Occupy group joins with Native Americans

    - PLYMOUTH - About 30 Occupy Boston protesters traveled from their encampment in Boston’s Financial District to join the National Day of Mourning here yesterday, lending their support to a Native American demonstration held each Thanksgiving.


    A judicial haven for accused drunk drivers

    - Plymouth County’s courts may be the most lenient in OUI trials. Judges hear most cases without a jury and acquit just about everyone, leaving police and victims appalled.

  5. Police find grisly scene at Plymouth home

    - Authorities were trying last night to unravel the final moments that a Plymouth couple shared before police witnessed the man fatally slice his leg open with a power saw and then discovered the woman dead inside their home.