1. Obama’s uncle may still be deported

    - Immigration officials have notified Onyango Obama that they want to discuss his possible removal to his native Kenya. He has been living in the US illegally for 20 years.


  2. Drunken driving case continued for President Obama’s uncle

    - Onyango Obama, the uncle of President Obama, will be allowed to have the case removed from his record if he avoids arrest for one year.

  3. Onyango Obama obtains police officer’s driving history

    - The attorney for Onyango Obama, the uncle of President Obama, today told a judge that he now has the driving history of the Framingham police officer who arrested Onyango Obama for drunk driving last year — records he’d planned to ask for during a court hearing today.

  4. Obama kin arrested on DUI charge

    - As he was being booked on drunken driving charges by Framingham police last week, Onyango Obama was offered a chance to make a phone call to arrange for bail. “I think,” he said, according to a police report, "I’d like to call the White House."