1. MFA receives rare West African art pieces

    The Museum of Fine Arts has been given 34 rare West African pieces from a group of works known as the Benin bronzes, marking a dramatic upgrade in a long-neglected area of the museum’s collection.

    (Museum of Fine Arts)

  2. Egyptian masterpiece at MFA

    - A king and his queen, forever in their prime, hold eternal secrets.

  3. MFA exhibit reveals a genius’s all-too-human flaws

    - The MFA’s "Degas and the Nude" exhibit offers a candid, and occasionally uncomfortable, look at the tensions at work in an artist’s life.

  4. MFA sends looted ‘Weary Herakles’ statue back to Turkey

    - The Museum of Fine Arts last night returned the top half of its "Weary Herakles" statue to Turkey. The 1,800-year-old marble statue of the muscular hero has been at the MFA since 1982, but after years of negotiations, the MFA recently acknowledged that it was probably originally looted from an excavation in Turkey and should never have entered the collection.

  5. MFA’s new Linde wing

    - The first thing you notice as you start to wander through the Museum of Fine Arts’ Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art is the space.

  6. 'The Clock' artist responds to MFA's plans for his film

    - In response to Geoff Edgers’ story earlier this week about the MFA charging $200 to people who want to be the very first to see the much-hyped 24-hour film, “The Clock,” the artist behind the film has written the Globe unhappy to hear the museum’s plans.

  7. All that glitters at the MFA

    - A welcome development: The Museum of Fine Arts has opened a gallery specifically devoted to the display of jewelry.

  8. Save your Monet: A free day at the Museum of Fine Arts

    - Bank of America is offering a nice program to its debit and credit card customers that may take some of the sting out of the new account related fees. It is called the Museum’s on Us program. This program provides free general admission to participating museums and zoos on the first full weekend of every month.

  9. At the MFA, a large Flemish triptych depicts a martyred saint in vivid detail

    Hippolytus was, according to legend, a Roman legionary who converted to Christianity and paid a heavy price. How heavy? This picture gives a fairly clear idea. Since its acquisition by the Museum of Fine Arts, in 1963, it has been one of the most amazing paintings in the museum’s collection. But because we don’t know who the artist is, it tends to get overlooked.

  10. A 620-year-old piece or embroidery, “The Entombment of Saint Vigilius,’’ will get a hero’s homecoming in a museum in Trent, Italy - why the Museum of Fine Arts returned it

  11. photographybyamy:

    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

    Avedon Fashion 1944-2000 Exhibition

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