1. beta-boston:

    A joint venture between the Globe, MIT’s Media Lab, and Hacks/Hackers Boston. We are hacking before the fourth debate, so we’ll have raw material from the first three. Ideally the hacks can be implemented for the fourth and final debate, and then used on Boston.com or BostonGlobe.com.

    (Source: beta-boston)

  2. Scientist’s game helps map the brain

    MIT professor Sebastian Seung and his team launched EyeWire, an online game that invites volunteer “scientists” to build 3-D maps of the cell networks that are crucial for vision.


  3. Holograms, 3-D said to be on verge of new era

    Amid the resurgence of 3-D in movies and the continued evolution of computers, holography is poised to enter its second act, supporters say.


  4. For Boston-area scientists, fish expert’s a real catch

    Ellis London, the owner of a Framingham fish and aquarium store, has been the go-to local expert on marine organisms for more than 40 years.


  5. A high-tech step forward for prosthetics

    David Moinina Sengeh, a PhD student at MIT, is working to create a systematic process that produces comfortable, custom-fit prosthetics every time.


  6. Mass. and MIT launching big data initiatives

    - The initiatives could help make the state a global center for the emerging field of "big data" - the ability to quickly dissect and understand floods of digital information.


  7. Study suggests online courses as good as classroom

    - The only difference between the two groups in the study was that the online students appeared to learn faster.

  8. ROFLCon brings a convention of Internet hit-makers to MIT

    - The idea behind ROFLCon is an ambitious one: to bring a swath of the Internet’s pop culture players and viral celebrities together under one roof.


  9. Harvard, MIT in $60m online partnership

    - The universities will offer free online courses under the superbrand “edX,” making them major players in the burgeoning online education sector.

  10. At Sloan School, the PC may be a vanishing breed

    - There’s an effort afoot at MIT to move faculty and staff away from full-fledged desktop PCs and onto less powerful network-based devices known as “thin clients.”

  11. Berklee College of Music becomes a YouTube star

    - On Monday, Google named Berklee as one of nine “YouTube ambassadors,” organizations that have been particularly effective at using the site to reach new customers.

  12. MIT exhibit highlights climate change science

    - The new exhibit at the MIT Museum, “Rivers of Ice: Vanishing Glaciers of the Greater Himalaya,” contributes to the sometimes perplexing study of climate change.

  13. MIT seeks to invest $450m at Hanscom

    - The Department of Defense has quietly approved an MIT proposal to build a $450 million research facility at Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford.


    Pennies: MIT physicist takes on the zinc lobby

    - Jeff Gore, a physicist at MIT, is making a valiant effort to persuade Americans to dump the penny.