2. ourpresidents:

    On this day, President John F. Kennedy was born -

    Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, made the following entry on a notecard, when her second child was born: 

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy 
    Born Brookline, Mass. (83 Beals Street) May 29, 1917 

    In all, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy would have nine children, four boys and five girls. JFK was named in honor of his mother’s father, John Francis Fitzgerald, the Boston Mayor popularly known as Honey Fitz.

    Before long, family and friends called this small blue-eyed baby, Jack.  Read More

    On the 95th anniversary of the birth of President Kennedy, here’s an album of Kennedy family photos from the JFK Library:

    Photo Gallery: JFK’s Youth

  3. Clergy, others rip Rick Santorum

    - Santorum angered religious leaders with his comments denigrating JFK’s famous speech calling for a clear delineation between church and state.


    Telling the real story of Camelot

    - In the wake of a new book by an intern who said she had an affair with JFK, the question arises: At what point does the Kennedy library stop marketing myth and start addressing reality?

  5. Library opens first section of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis papers

    - Onassis was only 31 when her husband (who was 43 at the time) was inaugurated, on Jan. 20, 1961.

  6. Last of secretly-recorded JFK tapes released

    - In tapes released today, President John F. Kennedy’s voice can be heard on the day before he left for the November 1963 trip to Dallas during which he was assassinated.

  7. Kennedys would approve of protests

    - HOW STRANGE that the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway could be deemed inappropriate for protest.

  8. Union Oyster House celebrates 185th birthday

    - For Daniel Webster, a light lunch at Boston’s Union Oyster House meant devouring at least six plates of oysters, tossing back a tall tumbler of brandy, and washing it all down with a glass of water - all while holding forth on current events.

  9. Kennedys at odds over compound

    - The Kennedy clan will gather tomorrow for a wedding at its Cape Cod compound amid tensions about the future of the property and following a public airing of dissension within the storied political family.

  10. John F. Kennedy Library could lose RFK papers

    - As archivists prepare to make public 63 boxes of Robert F. Kennedy’s papers at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston, his family members are considering moving them elsewhere because they believe that the presidential library has not done enough to honor the younger brother’s legacy.


  11. mentalflossr:

    When Larry King was still fairly new to Miami in 1958, he got into a little fender-bender. While that fact is unremarkable, the other motorist in the accident was an up-and-coming politician: Senator John F. Kennedy. According to King, Kennedy angrily asked him, “Early Sunday morning, no…

  12. For Kennedys, legacy preservation becomes life’s work

    - While the dates of Kennedy deaths have been seared into the nation’s consciousness, the famed political family itself has a practice of focusing on birthdays.

  13. The Peace Corps: What is it for?

    - Buffeted by controversy, an American institution faces an even deeper question: why it exists at all.

  14. Television Review: Deflating an American dynasty

    - “The Kennedys” is a draggy waste of time, as it transforms America’s mythic dynasty into turgid, repetitive mush.

  15. JFK Library invites scrollers to try out president’s desk

    - Atop President Kennedy’s desk sat the tools of the trade: a trusted diary, a green phone for critical calls, and a button that secretly recorded discussions on hot topics such as Vietnam, space, and civil rights.