1. Recognizing delayed PTSD in Holocaust survivors

    Researchers are finding that the passage of time does not always diminish traumatic symptoms - and old age can actually aggravate them.


  2. One last journey into the night

    Israel Arbeiter had to go back - to Auschwitz where he barely survived, and Treblinka, where his parents were murdered. He went seeking peace, but found little of it.


    Hitler, Pharaoh, and the anti-Semitic culture of victimhood

    - For millennia, the model for the most virulent, violent anti-Semitism has been to blame Jews for every bad thing, despite facts and logic to the contrary.

  4. newshour:

    Iron shoes along the Danube River recall the hundreds of Hungarian Jews who had to leave their shoes on the bank before they were shot by militiamen during World War II.  

    On Jan. 27, 1945, Soviet troops liberated Auschwitz. Jan. 27 is now an international day of remembering the Holocaust’s millions of victims.

    (FERENC ISZA/AFP/Getty Images)

  5. A mission to revive lost notes from the Holocaust

    - When violist Mark Ludwig and friends gathered in his airy Brookline apartment to rehearse on a recent morning, the scene was a flurry of intensity, concentrated smiles, fluttering fingers, flying elbows, tossed sheet music, and flawlessly performed concertos.

  6. Taking a different approach to the Holocaust’s lessons

    - Boston 3G is not your typical tragedy support and awareness group.

  7. Exploring the ‘Bloodlands’

    - A controversial new history traces the rise of a horrible idea: the mass killing of civilians.