1. College students chosen to 1st US national Quidditch team

    - A student from Boston University and another from Emerson College are among 21 first-string players that will compete at an international Quidditch tournament planned to be held near London shortly before this summer’s Olympic Games.

  2. Curious confections and well-fed wizards

    - For a boy who gets the first birthday cake he can remember on his 11th birthday, Harry Potter certainly makes up for it later.

  3. One last spell is cast

    -The epic series comes to an emotional conclusion as Harry Potter and Voldemort have their climactic confrontation.

  4. Grand finale for Harry’s faithful

    - When Anna Kelsey was 11 years old, a Globe reporter found her standing in line outside WordsWorth bookstore in Harvard Square. Costumed as Professor McGonagall, she was waiting to purchase a copy of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” which was going on sale at midnight. “I’ve been waiting three years for this,” she was quoted saying that night.