1. beta-boston: An inside look at a really cool visualization of murders in a Boston neighborhood.

    By Alvin Chang, data visualization


    It took weeks to clean up homicide data for our Bowdoin-Geneva project. I was ready to map it and move on. But I was unsure about one of the data point, so I looked it up in the Globe archives. I found this 1993 story about Jose Lizardo’s murder:

    (Source: beta-boston)

  2. Cricketers get their wicket fix in Dorchester

    On a bumpy field at the Harambee Park complex, fans of the arcane sport of cricket come together each weekend from May until October.


  3. Sheldon Adelson, Dorchester is calling

    - What would happen if the casino mogul walked down Erie Street just one more time and remembered the little guy he used to be?

  4. Poverty’s grip tightens in Boston, study says

    - Poverty has deepened in Boston’s poorest neighborhoods, widening the gap between the city’s wealthiest and neediest residents, a report being released today finds.

  5. Civility, one leaf at a time

    - A few veggie thefts aside, gardens foster pride and empowerment.


  6. "I think I’m done."
    — The response of Candido Oliveirawhen asked if he was still going to look for a job. The 47-year-old unemployed Dorchester man showed up at lottery headquarters yesterday to claim his $32 million prize.

  7. A 47-year-old Dorchester man has won $32 million in the Mega Millions Lottery game, the Massachusetts State Lottery said this morning.


  9. National honor for Dorchester crossing guard who died shielding boy

    - Marie J. Conley, a crossing guard who died keeping a 10-year-old boy from walking into the path of an oncoming car, will be honored today by the Congressional Medal of Honor foundation.