1. Cambridge students grow it and cook it

    It sounds like summer camp: Activities for about four dozen kids, four mornings a week, for four weeks. But it’s not.



    10 ways to update your home without breaking the bank

    These manageable improvement projects - from redoing a bathroom to adding a dormer - will increase your satisfaction with your home while adding to its value.

  3. Make your own pop-tarts!  And ketchup, or other store-bought stapes.


    How to plant tomatoes in a garden container

    - When it comes to planting a garden, don’t say no to trugs.

  5. Making your own store-bought foods

    - What could be easier than buying a Pop Tart? It turns out making great-tasting copies at home is simple and cheaper.

  6. Living the steampunk aesthetic

    - Bruce Rosenbaum is redesigning his 5,000-square-foot, 1901 transitional Victorian/Craftsman home, room by room, into a steampunk showcase.

  7. How to create a cozy home office

    - As long there’s natural light, a comfy work space can be carved out almost anywhere.

  8. 5 steps to gorgeous homemade terrariums

    - Spring is here and with it comes aspirations of backyard gardens bursting with flowers and overflowing with a bounty of vegetables.

  9. Why more companies are opting for DIY holiday parties

    - Hey boss, can you make me a margarita? Company parties are getting more hands-on.

  10. How I learned to stop worrying and love Martha Stewart

    - Many of us find it easier to mock the work of Martha Stewart than to appreciate what she’s done, which is to encourage the masses to make Thanksgiving centerpieces in the shape of a turkey using nothing more than gourds (harvested from our own gardens), a hot glue gun, a few gallons of glitter, and sheer pluck.


  11. Old bicycles never die at MIT auction

    - Decrepit bicycles go ‘round and ‘round among students who like a cheap technical challenge.