A rooster leaves his flock

    - For three-plus years, Buddy presided over his family in the midst of an unsuspecting suburban neighborhood. And then one Sunday morning, he was gone.


    It’s greed to top all

    - Ted Kelly had a compensation package at Liberty Mutual of $50 million a year. To run an insurance company. It’s the clearest evidence yet of an unprecedented age of greed.


  3. So, Elizabeth Warren is now an "elitist hypocrite" for earning a six-figure income? You’re better than this campaign, senator, and better than the name-calling.


  4. To the casual observer, The Fessenden School could not look more bucolic, with its expansive playing fields, rambling academic buildings, and a dining hall filled with the chatter of young boys who were gathered yesterday for lunch.

  5. The dignified statesman

    - KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine - Patten’s Berry Farm is the kind of place a Hollywood producer would want to invent if it didn’t already exist, with Mrs. Patten selling corn, apples, and pumpkins on the side of a country road in this impossibly pretty town. (Photo: Bob Levey, Getty Images)

  6. Jumping on the Zamboni

    - All right, I admit it: The last time I watched a hockey game, face-off to final siren, Bobby Orr was flying through the air, and Mary Tyler Moore was must-see TV.