1. This photo taken by AFP photographer Massoud Hossaini won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography. On Dec. 6, 2011, Afghan Tarana Akbari, 12, cried near dead and injured people after explosions during a religious ceremony in the center of Kabul. Several members of her family were killed.
    List of 2012 Pulitzer Prize winners: http://www.pulitzer.org/node/8501

  2. Providence Guardsman dies in Afghanistan

    - While saving a young Afghan girl Specialist Dennis P. Weichel Jr. of Providence was struck by a truck and died later of his injuries. He was awarded the Bronze Star posthumously.

  3. Disabled veterans hit ice with passion on display

    - Sled hockey has become popular with wounded veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, requiring them to think, react, and move in new ways.


    Afghanistan: February 2012 

    - February was a violent month in Afghanistan and harsher than usual winter weather added to the misery. (48 photos total)


    Editorial cartoon: Multiplying problems

    - Dan Wasserman, The Boston Globe’s editorial cartoonist since 1985, sees multiplying problems in Afghanistan.

  6. Taliban vow revenge for Afghan civilians killed

    - The Taliban vowed revenge Monday for an "inhumane attack" in which an American soldier allegedly shot to death 16 people.

  7. US soldier executes 16 Afghans

    - A US Army sergeant killed at least 16 civilians early Sunday, including nine children, igniting fears of a new wave of anti-American hostility in Afghanistan.

  8. Obama apologizes for burning of Koran

    - The president sent a letter of apology to Afghanistan’s president for the recent burning of the Islamic holy book at a US military base.


    Afghanistan, January 2012 

    - The New Year began violently in Afghanistan, with three bombings killing 13 people in one day in Kandahar. Meanwhile, the foreign troop withdrawal process continued, as more responsibility was transferred to Afghan security forces. The goal is a complete withdrawal by the end of 2014. (41 photos total)

  10. reuters:

    Marines probe video of men urinating on Taliban corpses

    The Marine Corps said on Wednesday it would investigate a video showing what appear to be American forces in Afghanistan urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban fighters.

    Afghanistan, December 2011

    - As the transition in Afghanistan draws closer, problems with security, the economy, and cultural mores are growing even more apparent. Included in this monthly look at Afghanistan are images that highlight these issues.

    (37 photos total)


  12. Extraordinary deeds arise out of ordinary circumstances, which is exactly what happened when a homeless mother and her son met up with an MBTA police officer.

  13. A general reflects on war and loss

    - When John F. Kelly, a three-star general, lost his son, an intense suffering came home.

  14. Iraq, Afghanistan veterans face bleak job prospects

    -  Veterans are returning to a difficult job market that is only expected to get tougher following the pullout of US troops from Iraq this year and from Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

  15. For Franconas, military family cause hits home

    - While it was all imploding, Jacque and Terry Francona doubtless had more on their minds than the crash landing of the 2011 Red Sox season.