1. Middleborough profanity ban touches a nerve

    The town voted to give police the power to hand out $20 tickets for using profanity in public, a move that has riled some residents and free speech advocates.


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    Oh for fuck’s sake Middleborough you’re so backward. You’re just asking to be trolled.
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    haha, they should go over to any city in the Uk, and make a fortune! It’s all getting a little too policed state….no...
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    What in the actual fuck Massachusetts?
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    Hahahhaha. Only here.
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    Outlawing profanity anywhere in Mass is like outlawing art in the Louvre. Swears are our medium, cursing our art.
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    As I said yesterday: Fuck Middleborough.
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    Seems asinine. Is there a list of bad words? Who’s going to keep that updated and who’s going to define them? And yes, I...
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