1. Artist brings Green Monster out of left field, into homes

    - M-C Lamarre has painted replica Green Monsters in basements, back yards, and on a barn, bringing a piece of Boston folklore to fans across Red Sox Nation.

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    le portail d’infos avec pompe a chaleur haute temperature amzair en outre pompe a chaleur piscine hors sol pour pompe a...
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    My children are going to need one of these. Just sayin’.
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    Pretty sure that the above Tumblr drone who reblogged what I reblogged didn’t realize that my Tigers demolished his Sawx...
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    Future house: TARDIS inside, Green Monster in the backyard.
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    Pretty sure the above Tumblr user didn’t realize that this was the box score from the bottom of the 9th of Game 4 of the...
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    Pretty awesome. I don’t like either team, but this is cool.
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    my future children will have this swingset.
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    i want a backyard, so i can have a swingset again, so it can look like this.
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    Madam, you have the best job EVER. Someday I will commission one from you. PS. Fuck you, Bucky Dent. PPS. My...
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    I’m pretty sure this is the coolest swingset ever.
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